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Biography for Liz Eisler
Liz Eisler
Director of Membership
Liz’s story of why she joined the Junior League of Saint Paul defines the impact JLSP has towards its membership. Liz’s grandma was a JLSP member, so the values of JLSP as an organization were ever present to Liz before joining in 2011. After college Liz took the opportunity to find a volunteer organization that she would find to be most fulfilling to her. JLSP was a great fit as it allowed Liz the opportunity to volunteer within the Saint Paul community and receiving training opportunities. As with every league member, those two criteria are irreplaceable. The non-marketed and should be a second mission statement for JLSP is exactly as Liz describes it; she found lasting friendships within JLSP! JLSP has offered her more and it has been a rewarding experience. Liz’s placement this year as Director of Membership allows her the opportunity to help with finding other women within Saint Paul to receive the great experience Liz has received by volunteering with JLSP. Liz credits her placement on the JLSP Board as a huge success for her within JLSP; she credits the choice to self-nominate and accept the position as a huge stride in personal growth and development. This is a bold statement considering outside of JLSP Liz graduated college, is self-employed, and had the opportunity to sing at the Vatican.

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