Always Superb Cookbook

Recipes are Meant to be Shared

The dog-eared cards, the yellowed newspaper clippings, the notebooks written in a careful hand and passed down from generation to generation reveal a common history, a crossing of paths, a bonding between friends and family. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul share a similar heritage, a love of the outdoors, tolerance for cold weather, and an enviable wealth of cultural attractions. Like twins, the two cities share many outward characteristics yet prize their individuality. But perhaps the most notable characteristic we share is a deep commitment to the communities we serve and the causes we support.

Always Superb: Recipes for Every Occasion is our tribute to those communities and to the many families and friends who have shared their recipes, their homes, and their hearts with us. Whether you are hosting lunch at the cabin or black tie, these recipes and tips for entertaining will ensure that every meal is always superb and every memory one to be shared.

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