Saint Paul Plays!

The power of play is currently being brought to the community by the Junior League of Saint Paul through city-wide Saint Paul game nights, in collaboration with the The City of Saint Paul Mayor's office and Parks and Recreation Department, as well as through events at local shelters and other community facilities. At these events, adults and children have an opportunity to learn how to play and enjoy time together.

Why is Play Important?

Play is critical to raising successful children and building happy families. Play stimulates brain growth, lays the foundation for learning, and provides a key opportunity for positive social interaction. Furthermore, researchers have found that parents who felt their child was difficult or perceived a lack of bonding between parent and child were more likely to abuse their children. Play provides the positive bonding experience required to prevent this abuse. 

Through play, children develop crucial social, language and vocabulary, creativity, reasoning, problem solving, memory and cognitive skills.  Play also leads to improved self confidence, trust and communication skills. Ultimately, play builds strong children, and it also builds strong families. By playing, parents and children have fun together, get to know one another, build connections and create memories.

Our Goals

The JLSP anticipates that Saint Paul Plays! will have a significant impact upon the Saint Paul community. The immediate goals are to educate adults about the importance of building strong bonds and how play can grow the adult/child connection, and, to provide children with one-on-one time with JLSP volunteers, who serve as adult role models.  By providing important opportunities for children and adults to play together, the JLSP strives to make a long-term impact by strengthening families and developing more successful children, continuing our legacy of improving the lives of women and children.