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Biography for Britney Thew
Britney Thew
Director of Communications
"Developing the Potential of Women" is a one of the initial reasons why I joined JLSP. For me, it meant that the Junior League of Saint Paul is an environment for me to grow and learn what I am able to achieve from idea to execution. Now, in my role as a Board Member, my perspective of the mission statement has evolved. Now in this leadership role, I think it is my responsibility to build relationships and be an adviser for the women of my council to enhance their success with JLSP. Our council's role in Marketing and Social Media is creative and free thinking. There are no absolutes or steadfast deadlines as there are with planning an event or with our community service program. This type of role is unlike any collaboration I've encountered professionally, as well. It will be a challenge for me; that is why I'm very excited for this year to create new ideas to promote JLSP and our mission!

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