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Biography for Natalie Weir
Natalie Weir
Before joining JLSP, I always imagined the Junior League as being a group of successful women who change their community through leadership and persuasion; a superpower that I lacked. So I joined JLSP in hopes of becoming one of these women. Thus for me “developing the potential of women” means that I can observe and learn from many women who possess a variety of skills. JLSP gives me the opportunity to mold and expand my current skill set and provides me with an opportunity to exercise new skills in a safe environment. In my current role on the Board, I will learn an array of new skills pertaining to board management, organizational leadership, and effective communication through actively listening to each member of the leadership team as well as other members at meetings. Although this type of position is not new to me, the atmosphere and diversity in topics will be a new exciting challenge and provide a different opportunity for learning than I have experienced in the past. I am very excited to be in this position and be surrounded by so many wonderful and successful women that I can learn from. I also look forward to hearing their new ideas and observing implementation of these new ideas throughout the league year.

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