President’s Message

Welcome to the Junior League of Saint Paul!

As a network of women empowered to develop our own potential and improve our communities through training of our volunteers, we are truly BETTER TOGETHER! While the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from gathering in large groups at the moment, there is no doubt that we have risen to meet this challenge and we are transforming our League for the better while continuing our commitment to excellence in our community. We have successfully transitioned our in-person general membership meetings to an online format, which we will continue to do during the challenging winter months (who else is excited to log on to Zoom when it’s snowing outside instead of trying find parking???), and also our membership has embraced online leadership conferences which are more accessible than ever, due the online format. Junior League women embrace challenges and make the best of every situation, and that continues to be true this year. It is truly an exciting time to be involved with us! 

In order to ensure the long term health, viability and vitality of JLSP, we are innovating the way we approach the Membership experience – providing engaging and fun events and trainings, meetings and fundraisers that can be held virtually or outdoors to ensure our safety while still providing the camaraderie that binds our members together. Upcoming events include our Open House at our headquarters in September, along with more social events and community events throughout the late summer and into early fall; be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest events schedule!

In 2019, Junior League of Saint Paul adopted ‘Stable Housing, Thriving Community’ as its newest community initiative. We will continue to collaborate with other local non-profit partners to find innovative ways to address the growing housing crisis in our community.  Our intent is to focus on the areas of Housing Resources, Support and Stability, and we are committed to developing projects in those areas to help people establish and maintain residency in their homes.

We’re proud of our legacy as a force that makes change happen here in Saint Paul. If you take a few minutes to watch our 100th year anniversary video, you will learn about the countless projects that have impacted the Saint Paul community for the better. Today, our members remain the driving force that makes these projects possible through their developed skills, and it is always amazing to see how each member contributes to this lasting legacy in her own way.  As an inclusive and welcoming community in which to try out these skills, women from all professional backgrounds benefit from learning how to execute the plans we put in place together.  

I personally have benefited from the skills I have developed and friendships I have formed during my time in the League. This is a place to learn from one another, experience new things, and serve the community in which we live and work. We are not only BETTER TOGETHER, but we are also empowered women who empower women. I encourage you to see what the League can do for you!

Warm Regards,

Erica King
JLSP President, 2021-2023